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Break-up with Breast Pain

Breast pain (medically called “mastalgia”) is one of the most common PMS symptoms reported by women, with as many as 90% experiencing some type of breast pain at one point or another during her reproductive life. Women with cyclical breast pain are sent for mammograms more often(1), which points to the importance of being properly assessed [...]

Losing Your Mind in Menopause

When working with women undergoing the menopause transition, it’s not uncommon for women to sit across the table and (tearfully) try and explain how they mentally don’t feel quite like themselves. We see a huge loss of confidence in women experiencing the hormone decline associated with menopause. They report struggles with word-finding, forgetfulness and losing [...]

Melatonin and Breast Cancer. Improving mood and quality of life during your treatment.

The success rates of breast cancer treatment have skyrocketed over the last few decades and we now graduate thousands of women into the “survivor” classification every year. The success of conventional treatment means that as Naturopaths, our role is to support women in staying on their conventional treatment to finish it. This is the best chance we have at a complete [...]

PCOS and Miscarriage. The Placenta Matters.

Women with PCOS who have been working through fertility support are usually laser focused on the difficulties they have ovulating. PCOS by definition results in many anovulatory (no ovulation) cycles a year, which accounts for long cycles (sometimes 35-70 days) and other hormone imbalances like acne and unwanted hair growth. But the lack of ovulation [...]

What if it’s not PMS?

PMDD or “Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder” is a relatively recent re-classification of women who experience significant mood changes in the weeks leading up to their menstrual cycle. Certainly in some cases, adding ways to label and classify patients doesn’t translate to better treatment. In this case, reorganizing women with PMDD appropriately may not only lead to [...]

Peeing your pants is not a normal part of aging.

Lower urinary tract symptoms, such as feeling a constant urge to go, leaking or frequent infections are one of the most common symptoms checked off on our hormone symptom checklist. These issues don’t have to be treated as a right of passage into your mature years, and can be supported with dietary, supplemental or bio-identical [...]

Is half of your cycle ‘defective’?

The menstrual cycle is a beautifully timed sequence of events with different hormones being released every few days. This flux of hormones is very important as it supports egg development, ovulation and matures the uterine lining for a good quality period. Hormone dysfunction in the second half of the cycle can be the root cause [...]

Testosterone over Estrogen. The Role in Male Fertility.

Male factor infertility is generally under-diagnosed and treated, partly because many men avoid testing, and partly because the treatment for male infertility usually lands couples in a fertility clinic, where a test tube or a syringe eliminates most of the “problems” couples have with sperm. Most couples undergoing fertility treatment have a simple sperm test [...]

Ginger versus Advil for Menstrual Cramps.

When approaching any case, Naturopathic Doctors are always looking for clues in a patient’s history that can help us understand the “why” or the “root cause” of the symptoms a woman is experiencing. And although it’s ideal to focus on righting the wrongs from the ground up, for women experiencing menstrual cramps, [let’s be honest] [...]

Investing in IVF? Invest in this first.

The choice to pursue In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) requires a heavy investment from couples both emotionally and financially. Despite the high-stakes nature of this procedure, many couples are not well informed about the impact that simple diet and lifestyle changes can have on the success of their IVF. “It’s oversimplifying the process to assume that [...]