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Break-up with Breast Pain

Breast pain (medically called “mastalgia”) is one of the most common PMS symptoms reported by women, with as many as 90% experiencing some type of breast pain at one point or another during her reproductive [...]

Losing Your Mind in Menopause

When working with women undergoing the menopause transition, it’s not uncommon for women to sit across the table and (tearfully) try and explain how they mentally don’t feel quite like themselves. We see a huge [...]

Melatonin and Breast Cancer. Improving mood and quality of life during your treatment.

The success rates of breast cancer treatment have skyrocketed over the last few decades and we now graduate thousands of women into the “survivor” classification every year. The success of conventional treatment means that as Naturopaths, our role is to support [...]

PCOS and Miscarriage. The Placenta Matters.

Women with PCOS who have been working through fertility support are usually laser focused on the difficulties they have ovulating. PCOS by definition results in many anovulatory (no ovulation) cycles a year, which accounts for [...]

What if it’s not PMS?

PMDD or “Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder” is a relatively recent re-classification of women who experience significant mood changes in the weeks leading up to their menstrual cycle. Certainly in some cases, adding ways to label and [...]

Peeing your pants is not a normal part of aging.

Lower urinary tract symptoms, such as feeling a constant urge to go, leaking or frequent infections are one of the most common symptoms checked off on our hormone symptom checklist. These issues don’t have to [...]

Is half of your cycle ‘defective’?

The menstrual cycle is a beautifully timed sequence of events with different hormones being released every few days. This flux of hormones is very important as it supports egg development, ovulation and matures the uterine [...]

Testosterone over Estrogen. The Role in Male Fertility.

Male factor infertility is generally under-diagnosed and treated, partly because many men avoid testing, and partly because the treatment for male infertility usually lands couples in a fertility clinic, where a test tube or a [...]

Ginger versus Advil for Menstrual Cramps.

When approaching any case, Naturopathic Doctors are always looking for clues in a patient’s history that can help us understand the “why” or the “root cause” of the symptoms a woman is experiencing. And although [...]

Investing in IVF? Invest in this first.

The choice to pursue In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) requires a heavy investment from couples both emotionally and financially. Despite the high-stakes nature of this procedure, many couples are not well informed about the impact that [...]

Not well since concussion.

Concussion and other forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) have become well known triggers for later life neurological complications such as early onset dementia and personality changes, but what is less known, is that hormonal [...]

Assessing Your Fertility

Working with one of our Doctors on your fertility can open the door to more comprehensive assessments on egg quality, sperm quality and cycle strength. Couples often seek supportive care when they are experiencing hormonal [...]

You can’t lose weight if you’re not full.

The secret to weight loss isn’t about what you don’t eat; it’s about what you do eat. After studying 4 different types of diets over 3 months at McMaster University, the research was very clear: [...]

Treating Acne with Green Tea

Patients often approach an ND for support with their acne when it trails into adulthood, defies conventional over the counter treatment, or when they are looking for a more natural (less drying) approach to their [...]

How to get ahead of your hormonal headaches.

Hormone-related migraines for some women, are a painful reminder their cycle is about to begin (1), while for others, is a painful reminder of their progression into menopause (2). Regardless of the time of life [...]

Recurrent Miscarriage and Thyroid Antibodies. Get Tested.

It’s not uncommon for women to experience 2-3 miscarriages before they are offered diagnostic testing to determine the cause. Although there are multiple considerations to be made, such as low luteal progesterone, elevated homocysteine and [...]

Therapeutic Diets in Brain Cancer

Using diet in conjunction with conventional cancer care is often to support weight management (gain or loss), or to improve side effects of chemotherapy (constipation or diarrhea) or to prevent recurrence (we have specific evidence [...]

Breast Cancer: Why Weight Loss Should be a Priority

Although treatment success for breast cancer has improved every decade, there are still major gaps in the way we educate women about their health after cancer diagnosis, especially around reducing the risk of recurrence through diet. [...]

If your teen has menstrual cramps, you need to read this.

Menstrual cramps is the most common gynecological problem in young adolescent girls, with some studies reporting anywhere from 16 to 91 percent of girls (1) experiencing cramps that cause missed school days or the need [...]

Busting the Alkaline Diet Myth for Bone Health

Studying diet and health is a very difficult task for many reasons. It usually takes years for diet to have an impact on health (and often studies are only run for a short time) and [...]

Is IV Vitamin C safe with Chemotherapy?

One of the most common questions we get asked about IV therapy is whether or not it "conflicts" with regular oncology care. We spent 12 weeks researching this topic at McMaster University with a research [...]

Want to have the healthiest baby?

If you're an expectant parent, your goals are simple: have the healthiest baby possible! Research suggests that there are specific nutrients that are required in pregnancy to help reduce the risk of asthma or eczema [...]

Can patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease be helped by supplements?

Through her work at McMaster University, Dr. Robertson has had the unique opportunity to work with research teams, exploring the best evidence available for treating medical conditions with Naturopathic Care. "Treating patients with IBD requires the clinician [...]

Lost your cycle? You should be tested.

Women are lucky they have a period. (Seriously!) The menstrual cycle is a window into many avenues of a woman’s health and gives a woman feedback on how she’s doing on a monthly basis. Assessing [...]

Do some patients eat too much fat?

The high-fat fad can be just as concerning as the low-fat fad. No diet should be a fad. A diet should be a prescription that seeks the highest health for the person across our desk, [...]

Top 5 Questions we get asked about Hormone Health and BHRT

The Naturopathic Doctors in our office all hold a prescribing license for bio-identical hormone therapy in Ontario. We see hundreds of women a year looking for help with PMS, depression, hot flashes, weight gain, foggy [...]

If you’ve had skin cancer, your thyroid might be a problem

Much of our role as Naturopathic Doctors is focusing on the prevention of recurrence of cancer in patients who have been treated successfully through conventional means. Patients who have been treated for (or who are [...]

Antioxidants for Endometriosis and Painful Periods

  Women with endometriosis have a complex immune, hormonal and inflammatory situation in their pelvic cavity, which promotes the growth, implantation and progression of endometriosis cysts and lesions, which are the cause of pelvic pain [...]

Adult Acne? Test your Testosterone

Acne is a complex condition in the skin resulting from hormonal and bacterial shifts that set the skin up for inflammation, immune system recruitment and acne development. Adults with acne are likely experiencing their symptoms [...]

Treating your PMS could help your weight loss

When looking at the success of any diet plan for weight loss, the results are clear: it doesn’t always matter which diet you pick, it’s the one you stick to that produces long term results. [...]

Breast pain? You need a custom diet.

Cyclical breast pain, “mastalgia”, affects the majority of women over the course of her menstrual, peri-menopausal or menopausal lives (so basically, any woman at any time!)(1). It can be caused by medications and drugs such [...]

A case against food sensitivity testing.

By Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny ND Good nutrition is fundamental to children’s health. There are no exceptions to this rule, especially when it comes to children with ADHD. Studies have shown that restriction of sugar and [...]

Menu Planning with Real Plans

We've teamed up with Real Plans to offer our patients and readers an easy and inexpensive ($14) way to put their new diet plan into action. Real plans offers patients customizable menu planning, shopping lists and [...]

Endometriosis: Working with McMaster Hospital Team

Endometriosis is an inflammatory, hormonal and immune driven condition that affects many women. Symptoms often go undiagnosed for years, but present as severe menstrual cramps, pain during intercourse, bowel movements or other nonspecific pelvic pain [...]

Progesterone for Hot Flashes

  Naturopathic Doctors have as part of their tools for treatment access to Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) through specialty compounding pharmacies. This prescription access allows NDs to successfully treat even the most resistant menopausal symptoms [...]

Your Hormone Checklist

Usually when people think about their health they think about numbers. Weight, body fat percentage, number of servings of veggies, and cholesterol are all numbers that can be tracked and used to help us predict [...]

Can Men be Estrogen Dominant?

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson ND We have all heard, until blue in the face, that a woman’s hormones change and deplete as she ages, causing significant reduction in quality of life, and a whole range [...]

Estrogen Deficiency and Vaginal Atrophy

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson ND It’s estimated that 10-40% of menopausal women experience vaginal atrophy, dryness and pain during intercourse(1). These signs of estrogen deficiency can be easily treated, by working with one of our [...]

Why Cancer Patients Lose Weight.

If you're a Cancer patient and you've never heard the word "cachexia", it's time to add another practitioner to the conversation.   Dramatic weight loss is one of the most memorable physical symptoms when thinking about [...]

Flip your burgers, save your prostate.

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson ND We publish a bi-monthly cancer magazine that focuses on various issues in cancer care. Here is one of our most inquired about articles, looking at dietary carginogens and prostate cancer [...]

Why you should add a Naturopath to your Cancer Team

Naturopathic Cancer Care is a collaborative effort between you, your conventional Medical team and your Naturopathic Doctor. Naturopathic Doctors offer a unique approach to Cancer Care, with substantial evidence supporting treatments that lessen the side [...]

5 Things to Consider when choosing your Naturopath in Burlington

  How important is the science to you? With traditional roots and an art-meets-science history, Naturopathic Medicine as a profession attracts doctors of all backgrounds and values – truly there is a practitioner out there [...]

Before Medicating for ADHD

By Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny ND ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed behavioural disorder in Canada, affecting 1 to 3 children in a classroom of 30 students. 80% of these children maintain their diagnosis into adolescence. [...]

If Your Dad Had Prostate Cancer

By Dr. Jordan Robertson ND We know that certain cancers seem to fall in families. Breast cancer has identifiable genes that women can be tested for, endometrial and colon cancer appear to have a hereditary [...]

Mending Anxious Kids

By Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny ND When school is almost out, it means a break for parents from having to drag semi-conscious kids out of bed and shuttle them back and forth to school. For kids, [...]

Crestor and Lipitor are Not the Same

Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND RAc Naturopathic Doctors with a prescribing licence in Ontario have spent considerable time examining the use of primary care drugs that treat most medical conditions. My focus on Cardio-Metabolic health [...]

If this number is high, you’re 2x more likely to die early of breast cancer.

Cancer is a full body condition that causes disturbances in your immune system and inflammatory pathways. Studies that have tracked survival in various cancers have noted that immune system imbalances between your Neutrophils and your [...]

Multiple Sclerosis. The Role of Salt.

Diet and MS reveals some not so surprising, and some very surprising literature that may affect not only your risk of developing MS in the first place, but may affect disease progression long term. Dietary [...]

Can’t Sleep? The Cortisol Connection

Cortisol levels of sleepers (purple) and insomniacs (black) demonstrating more peaks during sleeping hours in patients with short sleep duration. Adapted from Insomnia should be worked up by a health care professional [...]

Broccoli is a Girl’s Best Friend

By Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND RAc Oh estrogen. What a love hate relationship we have with you. Estrogen is one of our primary sex hormones, and is often responsible for the good, the bad [...]

Antibiotics versus Flax? You lose.

By Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND RAc In the complex world of hormones, it's not uncommon for women to experience periods of 'better' or 'worse' coverage of their symptoms with the treatments offered. Women can [...]

Avoiding Flax with Breast Cancer? Don’t be confused.

Women who are at risk for breast cancer, or who have already been diagnosed can easily feel confused and overwhelmed by the various recommendations made to them regarding their diet and supplements. Cancer patients use [...]

Radiation Induced Digestive Symptoms

By Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND RAc Radiation therapy takes prisoners in it's path. Although the technology and development of radiation has improved dramatically in the last decade (lower amounts of radiation, and more targeted [...]

How Probiotics Manage Ulcerative Colitis

 By Dr. Jordan Robertson ND In the recent years, we have come to recognize some unique characteristics about Ulcerative Colitis that separates this autoimmune condition from others. Like other autoimmune diseases, the broad themes of [...]

Can Drinking Green Tea Prevent Breast Cancer?

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND RAc The topic of green tea and breast cancer stemmed form observations that cultural groups of regular green tea drinkers appeared to have a reduced risk of breast cancer. [...]

More Migraine Free Days

Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND RAc My introduction to Naturopathic Medicine was for treatment for my migraines. I could never identify my triggers, with headaches happening multiple times per month. Sleep was the only thing [...]

Childhood Cancer Survivors Need a Plan

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson ND We are now watching an entire cohort of childhood cancer survivors grow up, well past the ages we saw just a generation ago. Treatment for childhood cancers have greatly improved, [...]

Ovarian Cancer: Reducing Toxicity and Improving Survival

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson ND Ovarian Cancer often presents with a poor prognosis simply based on the delay in diagnosis from a lack noticeable symptoms in women with the disease. This delay in diagnosis means [...]

Treatment Options for Rosacea

By Dr. Jordan Robertson ND Rosacea is an acne-like skin disorder that often appears in adulthood. Redness, swelling and pimple-like lesions are what bring patients into the office to explore treatment options other than antibiotics [...]

Pancreatic Cancer: Improving Digestion, Weight and Survival.

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson ND Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer face unique challenges with their disease process, given the significant impact that this cancer type has on digestion and absorption. A healthy pancreas is responsible [...]

Assessing the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patient

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson ND Triple negative breast cancer is a unique breast cancer subset in that it does not contain an estrogen or progesterone receptor, and women are usually not carriers of the HER2 [...]